FRENCH 272: Algerian War in Film

Instructor: George Hoffman, LS&A French Literature

Partner: Houda Achli, University of Mentouri, Constantine, Algeria

Term:  Winter 2014

U-M students study the Algerian War through film with each student investigating a particular aspect and creating an essay to add to the class website on the Algerian War.  Goal is to engage with students in Algeria who are children of survivors of that war in pair or small group discussion with our students so they understand the impact that exists today.  This makes the history real and brings a far away topic close to home.  Goals for US students include learning to talk about world issues with others who are closest to those issues and active engagement in the writing process.  Algerian students have been exploring the legacy of the war in argumentative essays in English, working through the writing process and peer review with our native speaking students.