NURS 456: Community Health Nursing

Instructor: Rosemary Ziemba, School of Nursing; Norma Sarkar, School of Nursing

Partners: Faculté des Sciences Infirmières de l’Université Episcopale d’Haitï, Léogâne, Haiti

Term: Fall 2012

Community Health Nursing is a course required for graduation, with approximately 62 students every year. This course is designed to allow students in two different countries to examine the health of their respective populations and to discuss similarities, differences, strengths, and challenges while conducting a community assessment. U-M students had hoped to travel to Haiti for this course, but due to U-M restrictions, they now hope to use videoconferencing to make it possible for students at the two institutions to take the course together. FSIL’s parent institution, the nearby Episcopal University, has videoconference technology installed. Extensive opportunities will occur for U-M students to interact with their peers in Haiti to discuss lecture content, share their respective community experiences in small international clinical groups, and to hold one-on-one sessions. FSIL is actively supported by both the local Haiti Nursing Foundation and by First Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor. This course was taught in Fall 2012. See Article.

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