FRENCH 380 – Intermediate Business French

Instructor: Juliette Moutinou

Partner: Dianne Chen, Enseirb-Matmeca, Bordeaux Institute of Technology

Term: Fall 2014 to present Fall 2021

Since 2000, U-M Business French students have collaborated each Fall semester with peers from Enseirb-Matmeca École Nationale Supérieure in Bordeaux every week. They meet once a week during class time using the latest video chat tools (Skype, Zoom, etc) to discuss employment practices from a cross-cultural perspective and develop resumés, cover letters and job interview skills together with both linguistic and cultural accuracy. For their final project, each international group creates a joint video presentation on a workplace issue. To promote perspective taking, students research and present the perspective of the culture they are studying, having worked with their partners each week to research and understand the cultures of workplace.

French is spoken during one half of the class and English spoken the other half.

We wish to acknowledge the dedication and work of Rachael Criso (U-M) and Susan Medina (Enseirb-Matmeca) who established this exchange and created a solid curriculum and institutional partnership which we continue to value and maintain today.