Radiology Electives

Instructor: Leslie Quint, Radiology, Medical School

Partner: Zarina Lockhat,  University of Pretoria, South Africa

Term: Fall 2014

As part of a series of the Radiology monthly elective modules, this pilot project proposes to collaborate on four modules with faculty and students at the University of Pretoria. Students at both institutions work through online didactic materials outside of class and then come together during class time for one hour via videoconferencing in small group international teams to discuss clinical radiology cases from international perspectives. During the second hour of the videoconferences, faculty from both institutions review the cases with the entire group. The international experience enables students to gain an understanding of the different medical approaches that can be used in different countries for a particular medical setting, based on differences in patient populations, prevalence of disease, availability of diagnostic modalities and therapeutic options, and risk tolerance level, as well as varying concerns for limiting health care costs and radiation exposure. If successful, the collaborations will be repeated and extended to additional modules.