UC 178: Global Understanding

Instructors: Rima Hassouneh (and in previous years Jennifer Yim, Ahmed Alawami) Partner: Chineze Oduah, Enseirb-Matmeca, Bordeaux Institute of Technology Term: Winter 2017

Intermediate Advanced Japanese

Instructors: MasaeYasuda, Ayaka Sogabe, Mochizuki, Yuta Mori Partner: Mitsuaki Hayase, Mie University, Japan Term: Fall 2018

EDU 420: World Languages Teaching Methods

Instructors: Maria Coolican, School of Education; Brenda Imber, English Language Institute, LSA Partner: University of Tunis, Tunis Term: Fall 2012,  Winter 2013 This project connects the Language Teaching Methods students at U-M with an English as a Foreign Language methods course at the Institut Supérieur Des Sciences Humaines (ISSH), Université de Tunis El- Manar, Tunis. Students work…

MUSED 504: History and Philosophy of Music Education / International Perspectives in Music Education

Instructor: Carlos Rodriguez, Music Education, SMTD Partner: University of Bremen, Germany Term: Fall 2013 Course Number:  MUSED 502 (before), MUSED 504 (now) Rodriguez will teach this course, required for Masters and Ph.D. students in Music Education, as a co-taught synchronous course with Germany. Reaching about 20 students a year, it will be taught with a special…

ANTHRO 497: Anthropological Archaeology

Instructor: Lisa Young, Anthropology, LSA Partner: Susan Secakuku, Hopi Tribe, Arizona Term:  Fall 2014, Fall 2015 During the Fall 2014 semester, Anthrarc 497 students conducted research and developed a digital archive on agricultural seeds collected in 1935 from the Hopi Reservation – currently housed in the University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (UMMAA). Although there…