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  • Intermediate Advanced Japanese

    Instructors: MasaeYasuda, Ayaka Sogabe, Mochizuki, Yuta Mori Partner: Mitsuaki Hayase, Mie University, Japan Term: Fall 2018

  • ASIANLAN 335: Intermediate Advanced Korean

    Instructors: Hyun-ju Kim, Hunjin Jung, Soyeon Park Partner: Joel Park, Seoul National University, South Korea Term: Fall 2018    

  • Spanish 475: Latin American Narrative: Banditry and the Construction of Nation

    Instructor: Javier Sanjines Partner: Mónica Velasquez Guzmán, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés… Term: Winter 2018, Fall 2018

  • MIDEAST 424: Islamic Intellectual History

    Instructor: Alexander Knysh Partners: Daria Ulanova, Anna Matochkina, Saint Petersburgh State University Term: Winter 2017  

  • MIDEAST 421 / RELIGION 465: Islamic Mysticism/Sufism

    Instructor: Alexander Knysh Partners: Daria Ulanova, Anna Matochkina, Saint Petersburgh State University Term: Fall 2017  

  • EDU 420: World Languages Teaching Methods

    Instructors: Maria Coolican, School of Education; Brenda Imber, English Language Institute, LSA Partner: University of Tunis, Tunis Term: Fall 2012,  Winter 2013 This project connects the Language Teaching Methods students at U-M […]

  • MUSED 504: History and Philosophy of Music Education / International Perspectives in Music Education

    Instructor: Carlos Rodriguez, Music Education, SMTD Partner: University of Bremen, Germany Term: Fall 2013 Course Number:  MUSED 502 (before), MUSED 504 (now) Rodriguez will teach this course, required for Masters and […]

  • ANTHRO 497: Anthropological Archaeology

    Instructor: Lisa Young, Anthropology, LSA Partner: Susan Secakuku, Hopi Tribe, Arizona Term:  Fall 2014, Fall 2015 During the Fall 2014 semester, Anthrarc 497 students conducted research and developed a digital archive […]

  • Radiology Electives

    Instructor: Leslie Quint, Radiology, Medical School Partner: Zarina Lockhat,  University of Pretoria, South Africa Term: Fall 2014 As part of a series of the Radiology monthly elective modules, this pilot […]

  • PNE 403: Community Health Nursing

    Instructor: Judith Policicchio, Community Health Nursing, School of Nursing Partner: Nthabiseng Phaladze, University of Botswana Term: Fall 2018 Based on the success of previous Community Health Nursing courses including videoconferencing with partners […]

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